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Thanksgiving is just around the corner. The Chinese don't celebrate Thanksgiving, but they do have a word for it: 感恩节 (gǎn ēn jié). You can impress your Chinese friends with your mastery of their language. You can watch the video…

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Ordering Bubble Tea

Bubble tea is a hugely popular in Taiwan, China and the US. Personally, I just don't get it. Those tapioca pearls are just weird. But if you like them, you can turn the ordering process into a Mandarin learning event.…

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Means of Transportation

Here is a good bonus video for Lesson 22, "Walk or Ride", brought to you by New Concept Mandarin out of Hong Kong. The chart below gives you an opportuniyt to listen and repeat the vocabulary from the video. And…

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Chinese Zodiac

Yang yang explains how to use the Chinese Zodiac to determine someones age. The table below will give you a chance to practice some of the Chinese sentences that she introduced.  

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