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Effective Chinese sponsors Weekly Meetups

Effective Chinese sponsors the Portland Mandarin Meetup to give students the opportunity to practice outside of class. We usually meet on Saturdays and everyone is welcome. Attendees include Chinese people, people who are actively studying, and most are just happy…

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Super Effective Study Methods

So Effective it feels like Cheating! Pronouncing Mandarin can be difficult for English speakers. But, not any more! This incredible new tool makes it easier to identify, and correct, your own mistakes. It is especially useful on a mobile device.…

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Chinese TV Show With Advanced Learning Materials.

Customizable Dialog Tables

Slick New Features We have added 2 new features to make our dialog tables more effective. Listen to one sentence at a time. Remove columns to reduce visual clutter. All the audio is now in the first column. The player…

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Happy Birthday Effective Chinese

Effective Chinese celebrates the evolution from a humble start in 2007, to the highly integrated learning system it is today. Our website now integrates quizzes, flashcards, audio recordings, textbook, and presentation slides, all available on desktop and mobile devices. For…

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Incremental Learning

Effective Chinese is a pioneer in Incremental Learning. Our program lets you develop skills on 4 axes: pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, and conversation. New concepts are reinforced through a variety of activities, each stimulating different regions of the brain. We incrementally…

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