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Summer Session 2020

Here is a list of all your classmates names.

Click on an icon in the first column to hear the audio.

It’s a good idea to practice these names so you can use them in class.

(Note: on mobile devises the icon is missing, so click on the empty box above the pinyin)

Sòng Dài ān宋黛安Diane Scott
Chén Ānnà陈安娜Anna Petersen
Sūn Lìtā孙利他Lita Shon-Roy
Wú Kǎidì吴凯蒂Katie Patton
Pān Yàlún潘亚伦Arron Patton
Improve your pronunciation! After listening to the audio, try recording your own voice. Click here to repeat the last audio played
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