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This conversation has several expressions, that are often used in casual conversation. “Zāogāo” is a useful word indicating that something very annoying just went down. “Zāo” means rotten and “gāo” means cake, together it is: “rotten cakes”. Using this word for a minor annoyance will surely cause you chinese friends to smile. “Zěnme le” is a convenient way to ask “what’s up” or “what happened”. “Shǒujī” means mobile phone, but is literally translated as hand-machine, obviously a very useful word these days. And finally, “bú jiàn le” is a set phrase meaning that something is missing or has disappeared.



Zāogāo! 糟糕! Damn it!
Zěnme le? 怎么了? What’s wrong?
Wǒde shǒujī bú jiàn le. 我地手机不见了。 My cell phone is missing.



zāogāo 糟糕 Damn it!
zěnme le 怎么了 What’s the matter?
wǒde 我的 my
shǒujī 手机 mobile phone
bú jiàn le 不见了 is missing, disappeared
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