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Don’t worry, I got this

If you are saying “No way!” to yourself, then you have probably never been to China (or India, or the Philippines for that matter). In Guang Dong China I often saw guys carrying 4 gigantic propane tanks on their bikes. But, this guy has it under control. Proof: he is wearing a helmet! And he reassures us with: “Don’t worry”, “I got this”.

Bié dānxīnDon’t worryBié is “don’t”, and dānxīn is “worry”. “dān” is carry, and “xīn” is heart.
Búhuì chūshìNo possibility of accident“Búhuì” (not possible) and “chūshì” (accident), together mean: “An accident is not possible”. Since he is implying that he has the skill to handle it, “I got this.” is a pretty good translation.
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