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Family Members

大家好 (Hello everyone)

  • 大 dà   = big
  • 家 jiā  = family
  • 好 hǎo  = hello
When addressing a group of people, Chinese speakers often start with 
“dà jiā hǎo”, which means “Hello everyone”
What did we learn in lesson 4?
  • Counting: yī èr sān sì wǔ liù qī bā jiǔ shí
  • classifiers (also called measure words) specifically gè
  • méi, the negation of yǒu
  • liǎng which is only used for quantifying nouns
  • family members: bàba, māma, gēge, dìdi, jiějie, hé mèimei
So here are some videos to help you review the lesson:
Here are some videos that will help you with pronouncing numbers in Mandarin. These recordings have been carefully selected to provide a variety voices. I am hoping that a variety of voices will help you improve your pronunciation.
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