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Help! Help!

This kid may be posing for a picture, but, if he had actually crashed, this is probably what he would say.

If you have a problem on the streets of China, knowing how (and when) to yell “Help!!” (in Chinese) could be very handy. Jiù mìng is a plea for assistance after you have been injured. If someone is bothering you, or something was from you, it would be better to yell “bāngbang máng”


Jiù mìng! Jiù mìng!救命! 救命!Help! Help!
Wǒ chūle chēhuò!我出了车祸!I had an accident!
bāngbang máng帮帮忙Can anyone help me


Jiù mìng Help! 救命
chūle encountered 出了
chēhuò traffic accident车祸
bāng máng give assistance 帮忙
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