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Jinan and Da Ming Hu

Jinan is the capital city of Shandong province. I took an excursion there to check out the historical areas and improve my Mandarin skills. My goal was to visit a new area of China and find more opportunities to practice the language.

Jinan is called the Spring City because of the artesian springs which bubble up forming lakes, fountains and canals. I had the great fortune of renting a place that was in the middle of it all.

Da Ming Hu is the largest body of water (hú means lake) and forms the northern boundary of the ancient capital city. The rest of area, which has many older buildings and narrow lanes, is bounded by the ancient moat. Throughout this part of town are narrow walking streets, pools and canals, as well as small shops, ancient buildings, modern shopping malls, and great restaurants.


Here are some place names that will be handy when you visit Jinan

Audio Chinese Pinyin English
山东济南Shāndōng jǐnánShandong province Jinan city
趵突泉公园Bào tū quán gōngyuánMost famous of the springs
泉城广场Quánchéng guǎngchǎngSpring City Square
大明湖公园Dàmíng hú gōngyuánDaming Lake Park
千佛山公园Qiān fúshān gōngyuánThousand Buddha Mountain
黑虎泉沿岸Hēi hǔ quán yán’ànBlack Tiger Springs
曲水亭街Qūshuǐtíng jiēCharming historical street
芙蓉街Fúróng jiēPopular Street for food & drink
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