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Quánchéng Lù, Music in the Streets

This busy avenue in Jinan is lined with hotels, department stores, and restaurants. My first stop in Jinan was the Starbucks on on Quancheng Lu. The owner of my next Airbnb met me there, and escorted me to the place a couple hundred yards to the north. I was pleased to find that not only was it spacious but, literally one block from Dàmíng Hú Park.

Later I walked back to Quancheng Lu and found the place pulsating with music and crowds. I wandered up and down the street checking out the alleys and shops. One alley, Furong Jie, was packed with food vendors, shops and people. And when I returned to Quancheng Lu I found a huge crowd around a live performance from some young musicians.


Here is the chorus to the song you heard in the video. It is super-popular in China these days.

Audio, Chinese, Pinyin, English
我爱你,爱着你Wǒ ài nǐ, àizhe nǐI love you, loving you
就像老鼠爱大米Jiù xiàng lǎoshǔ ài dà mǐJust like mouse loves rice
不管有多少风雨Bùguǎn yǒu duōshǎo fēngyǔNo matter the hardships
我都会依然陪着你Wǒ dōuhuì yīrán péizhe nǐI am totally committed to you
我想你,想着你Wǒ xiǎng nǐ, xiǎngzhe nǐI miss you, missing you
不管有多么的苦Bùguǎn yǒu duōmede kǔNo matter there the pain
只要能让你开心Zhǐyào néng ràng nǐ kāixīnIf I can make you happy
我什麽都愿意Wǒ shíme dōu yuànyìI willing to do anything
这样爱你Zhèyàng ài nǐThis is how I love you

Video by author October 2018

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