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Shanghai Bund

上海外滩的夜景好美 Shànghǎi Wàitān de yèjǐng hǎo měi The night view from the Bund in Shanghai is quite pretty.

The Huáng Pǔ Jiāng (黄浦江) river divides Shanghai into two parts: Pǔdōng (浦东) and Pǔxī (浦西).  Pǔdōng is the east side of Shanghai and and Pǔxī is the west side. The photo was taken from Pǔxī.   The Bund is what English speakers call the waterfront on the Pǔxī side.  It includes many historical buildings.  The name comes from the German word “bund”, which means an embankment.   Pǔdōng, in contrast, has no historical buildings, owing to the fact that development didn’t start until the 1990’s.  It now includes two of the 10 tallest buildings in the world.  And, as you can see by the photo, it is brightly lit during the evening hours.


Chinese Pinyin English
上海 Shànghǎi Shanghai
外滩 Wàitān Bund
夜景 yèjǐng night view
hǎo quite, good
měi beautiful
黄浦江 Huáng Pǔ Jiāng name of a river
jiāng river
dōng east
西 west
浦东 Pǔdōng  east side of Shanghai
浦西 Pǔxī  west side of Shanghai
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