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Shanghai Ditie Zhan

Shanghai’s Subway System is Huge

As of 2018 the Shanghai subway system consists of 17 lines, 666 kilometers of track, and 329 stations. By some measures the largest in the World. During the last 12 years I have been to Shanghai every year. The changes have been significant. Both the riders and the infrastructure are constantly evolving.

12 years ago I was mystified by the thoughtless behavior of riders. When train stopped in the station, they just started shoving their way in as soon as the doors opened. Another behavior during that time was the total disregard for standing in a line for tickets or even getting on a bus. It is much better now. My theory is that people are too busy with their phones.

But one thing hasn’t changed: it is still crazy crowded during rush hours.


Here are some words that might come in handy when riding a subway

Audio Pinyin Chinese English
地铁站dìtiě zhànsubway station
二号线èr hào xiànline 2
下一站xià yí zhànnext stop

Note: the footage below was taken at about 9:30AM. It was not NOT rush hour.

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