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Practicing Taichi at Daminghu Park

Every morning at 7AM a group of adults gathers in a corner of Daminghu Park to practice Taichi. It was clear from the banter that they knew each other well. In fact you could tell they cared a lot about each other. Asking about each others children, discussing recent trips, etc. I think they are very fortunate to have an excellent teacher and such a large community of friends. I spent 3 mornings with them and really enjoyed it. It wasn’t terribly athletic but it was good for the soul. It was a great chance to practice Chinese and Taichi and make new friends. They even invited me to join their Wechat group.


Here is a sentence demonstrating relevant vocabulary. This sentence is a good example of the importance of word order in mandarin. The structure is subject-location-action. The location detail must follow the subject and proceed the verb.

Audio Chinese Pinyin English
我们在公园打太极拳Wǒmen zài gōngyuán dǎ tàijí quánWe practiced taichi in the park


Audio Chinese Pinyin English
太极拳tàijí quántaichi

Lots of interesting background sounds

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