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Effective Chinese provides guidelines for teachers in order to establish consistency and assure student success.

The goal of this program is to help students become competent mandarin speakers.

We focus on conversation, and in the process of learning the language, students become familiar with Chinese culture. The following points will allow teachers to be more effective at helping students reach their goals.

  1. Less is More: The teacher must spend more time listening than talking. Students learn best through participation in language activities.  The success of the teacher is measured by how much the students speak.  The target is 50/50. 
  2. Teach to the Learning Zone: Students learn best when they can comprehend a high percentage of the materials.  Each class starts with content that is easy and becomes progressively more challenging during class.
  3. Use the materials:  Students will find it easier to follow the activities, and they will have a chance to practice if teachers utilize the Sentence Practice Sheets.  Try not to explain Mandarin and instead use the activity sheets to engage students in listening and speaking.
  4. Use class time effectively.  Be sure that you have enough time to practice pinyin (in Mandarin One), review last weeks sentence practice, and cover this weeks sentence practice.
  5. Use as much mandarin as you can without confusing the students.  If you used a new word last week, then you can assume they already forgot it.  Please review words before using them.  Keep a list of words you use in class.
  6. Avoid introducing words outside the lessons.  Students have enough trouble learning Chinese without being burdened with additional vocabulary.
  7. All Mandarin pinyin (words) are “whole syllable words”.  There is no need to  sound out initials and finals.  This practice does nothing but confuse students.

The remainder of this article will elaborate on these five points for clarity.


Sentence Practice Sheets

  • The students can pay closer attention to the activity because the sentences are written out for them.
  • They will understand the activity more quickly because, even if they don’t understand everything the teacher says, at least they can see the sentence.
  • The sentences are already written down, so they will be able to review later without worrying about taking notes.
  • Reduces prep time because all the necessary vocab and grammar is covered by the practice sheets.
  • Helps other teachers if you find corrections or omissions from the practice sheets.

 For Level one students teacher should plan their time carefully

  • Note: the students have forgotten everything the learned in the last class
  • Start with pinyin, so the can warm up their mouths and their ears (20 minutes)
  • Use activity sheets to practice material from the previous class (20 minutes)
  • Introduce the new lesson by read and follow (20 minutes)
  • Use activity sheets to practice new material (30 minutes)


Here is our 12 point commitment to students

  1. Our goal is your success at communicating with Mandarin.
  2. You will spend most of the class listening and speaking Mandarin.
  3. Our material is designed to be relevant and interesting to adults.
  4. The language is easily recognized by native speakers.
  5. We constantly integrate previous material so you won’t forget it.
  6. Assignments are clear and meaningful.
  7. We teach to your learning zone, often challenging, never bewildering.
  8. We favor examples over explanations, and explain only when needed.
  9. We minimize translation to promote effective internalization.
  10. We use only language that you have learned, and use it frequently.
  11. We keep vocabulary to a minimum so you can speak more confidently.
  12. We spare no effort to keep you challenged and rewarded.


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