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The Three Sisters of Lujiazui

Liujiazui is the high class financial district of Shanghai. 30 years ago this area was farmland and one-story buildings. Now it is home to the 2nd tallest building in the world, the Shanghai Tower (and here is a little backstory on the Tower). In addition there are the Jin Mao and the Shanghai World Financial Center. Near by is the Oriental Pearl Tower. These 3 buildings are called the 3 sisters of Lujiazui. Beneath these buildings is a maze of passageways and food courts. And it is all accessible from the Line 2 metro station, without ever being exposed to rain or sun. There are Malls galore, occupying street level and above. Other Landmarks of the Luijaizui are Super Brand Mall and the Oriental Pearl Tower.


Audio Pinyin Chinese English
陆家嘴LùjiāzuǐSubway stop on Line 2
上海环球金融中心Shànghǎi huánqiú jīnróng zhōngxīnShanghai World Financial Center
金茂大厦Jīn mào dàshàJin Mao Tower
东方明珠塔Dōngfāng míngzhū tǎOriental Pearl Tower
上海塔Shànghǎi tǎShanghai Tower
正大广场Zhèngdà guǎngchǎngFamous Brands Mall
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