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Time of Day

Word Order


  • Time-when is always expressed before the verb
  • The order of time description is always from more general to more specific

Check out this video where Yi laoshi explains sentence word order using words from this weeks lesson.

Introducing clock time and time of day

Now lets watch a video with sentences using morning, noon and night. This is a bit of a preview for Lesson 10

Zǎoshang qī diǎn 早上七点 Seven in the morning
shàngwǔ shíyī diǎn 上午十一点 Eleven o’clock in the morning
zhōngwǔ shí’èr diǎn 中午十二点 Noon
xiàwǔ sān diǎn yīkè 下午三点一刻 Three o’clock in the afternoon
wǎnshàng qī diǎn bàn 晚上七点半 Seven thirty in the evening
língchén yī diǎn sān kè 凌晨一点三刻 One fifteen in the morning
língchén chà yī kè liǎng diǎn 凌晨差一刻两点 Quarter to two in the morning


New Vocabulary


língchén 凌晨 between midnight and 6AM
chà almost, less than
bàn half
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