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What time is it?

Here is a video that will help you review the sentences for telling time.

There is one thing we need to point out. In this video Emma says “Jí diǎn le?” which was not in our lesson. In this sentence, the “le” means “now”. Although lesson 10 did not mention anything about “le”, it is common. But, it is totally optional. We didn’t mention it in this lesson because the meaning of “le” is a little complicated. But we will be learning about “le” in Mandarin Two … so stay tuned.

Here are Emma’s sentences:

    • Jí diǎn le? = what time is it?
    • Xiànzài jí diǎn le = What time is it now?
    • sān diǎn = 3:00
    • wú diǎn = 5:00
    • xiànzài wú diǎn le = Now it is 5:00
    • sí diǎn èr shí fēn = 1:20
    • sān shí fēn = 30
    • sì diǎn sān shí fen = 4:30
    • sì diǎn bàn = 4:30
If you have time, you can also practice days of the week:
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