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Where’s my Room?

Where is my room?

When you book an Airbnb in China, your first issue after you arrive is finding the place:

我的房间在哪里?- Wǒ de fángjiān zài nǎlǐ? – Where is my room?

If you book an Airbnb in China, you will need contact your host when you arrive so they can help locate the place. This is particularly important in China because locating addresses is not easy.

Three standard options for contacting a host in China are: airbnb’s website, wechat or a China compatible mobile phone. IPhones are compatible, but US Androids are not. I have Android, so I needed to purchase a China SIM card before I could use it.

Starbucks wifi is not an option because you need a phone to receive the access code. Arranging to meet at a known location is risky because your plane might not arrive on time. Leveraging the wifi at a 5-star hotel is an option that works sometimes.

On this trip I chose to spend the first night at an inexpensive hotel, then have the host meet meet me in the lobby the next day. This worked out well, because I had enough time in the morning to get a new SIM card for my phone and contact the host.

Airbnb is always a risk because the owner never mentions the downsides. In the case of this rental, the photos of the interior were reasonably accurate, but I was surprised how at how dingy the building looked. Actually, it was clean and the residents were friendly. The room itself was squeaky clean. It was on the 6th floor, and the elevator worked fine … until 11PM when they turned it off.

BTW, a clothes washer is a must have … washing clothes in the sink sucks! Dryer is not necessary as the clothes can hang dry in a couple hours … if you select the spin dry! I learned the hard way that clothes washed in a sink can take more than a day to dry.


Wǒ de fángjiān zài nálǐ? 我的房间在哪里? Where is my room?


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