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ZhuJiaJiao Watertown

I always wanted to visit the water town near Shanghai called 朱家角 (Zhūjiājiǎo).  But, I could not see paying $99 for the tour bus.  Fortunately, on my last day in Shanghai, while perusing the internet, I found the place to catch the bus, and it was quite close to where I was staying.

This type of adventure is perfect for practicing Mandarin with the locals, because there are so many opportunities for relatively simple conversations.  I usually find people respond to my questions enthusiastically and even compliment me on Mandarin skills.  Scroll down for an example dialog and free Mandarin lesson.

For an excellent description of Zhujiajiao’s features check out this link.   When traveling in China, I like to seek out historically significant places, this town has a 1700 year history covering the Ming and Qing dynasty.  I particularly enjoyed the massive stone bridge foot bridge in the middle of town. 

The town is a maze of narrow streets lined with shops, canals filled gondola boats which rocked side to side as the boatsman managed the oar.  A stage with live acoustic music in Chinese, Japanese and American.  I met many shop keepers, Chinese tourists, some elderly ladies selling gold fish and and a few locals dressed as the Monkey King.  Stay tuned for more posts about my day in Zhūjiājiǎo.

Now, here is the lesson I promised you


  Pinyin Chinese English
Qù Zhūjiājiǎo zěnme zǒu? 去朱家角怎么走? How can I get to Zhujiajiao?
Nǐ kěyǐ qù Pǔ’ān lù de chēzhàn zuò chē qù 你可以去普安路的车站坐车去。 You can go to Pu’an Road bus station and ride the bus from there.
Pǔ ān lù zài nàlǐ? 普安路在那里? Where is Pu’an Road? 
Nà biān.  Yīzhí zǒu. Nǐ kàn dào hěnduō chē de shíhou jiù dàole. 那边。一直走。 你看到很多车的时候就到了。 That way (pointing).  Straight ahead.  When you see a lot of buses, you are there.
Zhūjiājiǎo hǎowán er ma? 朱家角好玩儿吗? Is it fun to visit Zhujiajiao?
Ēn. Hǎo wán er, yě hěn yǒu yìsi 嗯。好玩儿,也很有意思。 Yep. Fun, but also very interesting.


Chinese Pinyin English
朱家角 Zhūjiājiǎo Name of a town
go, to, go to
怎么 zěnme how
zǒu go, walk
可以 kěyǐ can
普安路 pǔ ān lù Pu’an street
chē car, bus
车站 chē zhàn bus stop
zuò sit, ride
那边 nà biān that way
一直 yī zhí straight ahead
看到 kàn dào see
很多 hěn duō a lot
的时候 de shí hou when
jiù just
到了 dào le arrived
玩儿 Wán er fun
ma confirmation
有意思 yǒu yì si. interesting


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